Earn Money with the Polistic Yoga Affiliate Program

Do you LOVE practicing Polistic Yoga and LOVE getting paid?
The Polistic Yoga Affiliate program makes it easier than ever!
Refer users to Polistic Yoga and receive commissions every time a referral converts into a customer. It’s super simple: the more subscriptions you drive, the more you’ll earn.

How it works

Simply create a Polistic Yoga Academy user ID/account and you can apply to be an affiliate!

Each time someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a membership or course you will earn a percentage of the sale! SO EASY!

All of our Platinum VIP members are automatically added to our Affiliate program and will receive 30% of all membership and course sales generated from their affiliate link. You can access your individual link, all information about earnings and payouts, as well as access our FAQ section in the Affiliate Dashboard.

All Gold members are automatically added to our Affiliate program and will receive 20% of all sales generated with their personal affiliate link located in their Affiliate Dashboard.

If you have created an account but have not purchased a membership you can still participate in our generous affiliate program by applying here or sending an email to [email protected]

In the Affiliate Dashboard the following commission details are available:

  • Commission Rate
  • Affiliate Code - the code that you can use on any platform of your choice can be found here on the dashboard.
  • Cookie Period - the duration, in days, for which your cookie will be active.
  • Earnings- you can find a breakdown of your earnings and revenue for the last 7 days, 30 days, and all time. You will need PayPal to receive a payout. 
  • Affiliate FAQ section